The Shadow Companion was born out of our fascination with finding a home for our darker, more experimental songs. Written during the recording of our previous albums, these unreleased, but not forgotten songs never quite fit in. As the years passed, our desire to share them with others grew. Following the release of Light Bright in 2009, we were feeling a sea change. After a year of further writing and refining, The Shadow Companion was ready.

Mood and Sound
In comparison to our previous albums, The Shadow Companion struck a more personal note. Though written over a span of 8 years, each song makes a powerful connection to the next, as if they had been waiting for each other. At their core, these songs are the best representation to date of our love for blending the real with the artificial. In addition to our normal instrumentation, samples and loops from kitchen accessories, house-hold appliances, field recordings, and DIY synthesizers were used, leading to a lush, experimental soundscape.

We wanted to create a world that was both expansive and intimate, taking the viewer on a journey through a day in the life of our slightly warped heads. The lighting was carefully chosen to simulate the phases of a complete day, from the deepest orange dawn to the darkest night. With the help of Chelsea Duble (Album Cover and Panic Attack), Carol Schuenemann (Ego Shapes), and Kam Ko (photography), we created portraits that capture the emotion of each song, and offer a window into who we are. Taken as a whole, the dioramas tell the story of coming to terms with a world in which you never feel at home.

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